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Creating your social media content planning

There’s no denying that content creation and planning is a time-consuming process. In this article, we’re sharing a sustainable strategy for saving time planning and creating social media content to help you better support your overall business goals and reach the desired audience.

When creating your social planning, you have to think of what to post, create a graphic, write descriptions, choose hashtags, post the content, and engage with your audience in the comments—and then do it all again, and again, and again.

While the challenges of social media content creation may feel daunting, showing up consistently has great benefits for your company. By posting valuable content consistently, you can:

  • Expand your audience
  • Boost brand awareness
  • Build authority in your industry
  • Enhance engagement

If you are looking to achieve any of the benefits listed above, it is worth figuring out a sustainable strategy for saving time planning and creating social media content. The key to achieving this is twofold: planning well in advance and batch working content creation.


Let’s take a moment to talk about something we all do, multitasking. Multitasking often feels productive because you are doing “all the things”, but in reality, multitasking is one of the least productive things you can do. 

Based on research it has been estimated that only 2% of the population is actually proficient at multitasking. When you switch from task to task, it actually takes 50% longer to accomplish a certain task.

So what is almost all of us that are not proficient multitaskers supposed to do? The answer when it comes to social media content creation and planning is creating a system and batch working. Below is a process that you can repeat each month to save time planning and creating your social media content.

The Process

Each month, set aside time to map out your social media content for the following month. By outlining the content subjects you want to cover for the entire period, you can look at your content from a higher level and be more strategic about your content plan. Plan on spending 2-6 hours each month mapping out your content for the following month.

Things to include in your content plan:

Number of posts

How often do you post (or want to post) each week? Keep in mind that quality and consistency are more important than the number of posts. Stick to a strict schedule and frequency you can sustain in the long term.


What are your overall business goals for the month? How can your content support those goals?

Any important dates. Do you have a new product or service launching, or an event? Social media holidays you want to “celebrate”. Are there relevant social media holidays you want to celebrate on your social platforms? 

With this content roadmap, you can confidently go into the month knowing what content needs to be created each month.

What Types of Social Media Content Should You Create?

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to social media content is knowing what to post. When creating content for social media, it is important to share a variety of types of content. Your content should educate, entertain, or sell.

Another advantage of planning your content for the entire month is that you can better distribute and plan the types of content you will be sharing. Rather than scrambling to come up with something to post and potentially posting too many sales-focused posts or too many funny memes, planning in advance allows you to be more intentional and strategic with what you post. That ensures you are hitting all the marks building the know, like, and trust factor with your audience, serving them, and ultimately converting them.

Let’s say you want to share four posts per week. To balance your content types, you could share two educational posts, one sales-focused post, and one entertaining post each week. As you plan your month of content, you can start to plug in your content ideas according to that cadence and flow.

Here at MK Marketing, we offer numerous solutions with regard to social media management. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can assist you in drafting your company’s next chapter of success.

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