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How to get started with social commerce in 2022

In this article, we will analyse how to get started with social commerce in 2022! Here are the best tactics below:

Focus on your best, lowest-cost products

It makes sense that the lowest-cost products might sell best on social media. You’re capturing people at a certain place in their buyer journey where they’re eager to buy, not eager to weigh the pros and cons of a major purchase.

That’s why we recommend using a strategic approach to what you list for sale on social media. If you start with your best products, you’re selling the items that appeal to the widest audience and have been proven to resonate with your fans. If you sell your least expensive ones, then you’re reducing friction for shoppers even more.

Along with this, it’s useful to know the larger themes with social commerce, too. According to research, the most relevant verticals for social commerce are categories like apparel, luxury goods, beauty, and home decor.

If you’re in doubt about what to sell, then start with an experimental mindset. You don’t need to put your entire catalogue on social right away. Especially since social commerce is still gaining traction, not all your audience may be primed to purchase. 

Get the right tools at your disposal

There are a ton of options out there, but we want to highlight just a couple to give you a taste of what’s possible. First, there’s a messaging tool called ManyChat, which allows you to combine Facebook Messenger and SMS campaigns. ManyChat, and other chat tools like it, can be great for collecting leads and converting them into buyers.

Similarly, another great social commerce tool is This tool comes with pre-built automated checkout chatbots, which integrate with all sorts of different tools and platforms. You can integrate it straight into Instagram to create a social commerce experience.

And along with third-party tools, new social commerce features are coming to social networks all the time. We think it’s really smart to continually try out these new features, both for their commercial potential and for the engagement boost you get from trying out new content on your accounts.

Partner with influencers and engage the community

These two groups, influencers and community, can be very powerful for your commerce efforts thanks to the way that networks like Instagram and Pinterest are set up. Many of their new features allow people to share your products on your behalf and still tie into the frictionless buying experience of a buyable Pin or Instagram shopping.

Measure your strategy

The ultimate goal with social commerce is to direct and guide customers to checkout. And you can do this in any number of ways, through great content, two-way communication, and more. Ultimately, though, the best measurement of a social commerce strategy is in dollars and cents. How many sales did you make?

And at the same time, as we talked about above, not all your audience may be ready to shop just yet. Social commerce is still a trend in the making. Not everyone is on board.

So this opens up a variety of alternative measures for success. For instance, How many emails you capture. These emails can become important for starting a relationship with your customers and helping guide them back to your social accounts or your e-commerce website. You can also think about measurements like brand engagement, and the completion of certain steps before the conversion utilising relevant KPIs.

Here at Rebel Online, we offer numerous solutions with regard to social media management. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can assist you in drafting your company’s next chapter of success.

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