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Let’s talk about data-driven marketing!

Companies have been keeping track of consumer data for a long time. This data was kept within physical documents, often organised haphazardly and by multiple people through the years resulting in information being kept stored incompletely and inefficiently. 

With modern technologies and software, data can be compiled and analysed with a push of a button. This technological revolution has led to the rise of data-driven marketing.

What exactly is data-driven marketing?

Data-driven marketing is a form of business marketing that utilises gathered data to dictate your marketing tactics. Using data-driven marketing has the benefit that there is no guesswork involved with anything, instead, everything is backed by hard numbers and calculations.

This type of marketing offers you the opportunity to segment and target consumers on an individual level, following a personalised approach. With the use of smart CRMs, including the utilisation of GrowthEngine you have the ability to create automated marketing tasks and reach your targets with speed and accuracy.

Why should your company use data-driven marketing?

Data-driven marketing is hugely favoured in the modern business world as it makes the life of today’s marketer easier and delivers better results.

The single greatest benefit of having a data-driven strategy is that you’ll never have to make a decision based on a “feeling” or hunch ever again.

For instance, rather than guessing, you can determine your ideal customer personas based on data collected from past consumers.

You can see where you’re generating customers with the highest CLV (customer lifetime value), and who they are. Knowing this means you can double down on your marketing efforts and rate audiences as more valuable leads than lower-level segments. This enables segmentation and personalization, as well as an improved marketing ROI (Return On Investment).

This is just one example of how data can take the guesswork out of marketing and help your business identify the best growth opportunities.

Here at MK Marketing, we offer numerous solutions with regard to data-driven marketing strategies. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can assist you in drafting your company’s next chapter of success.

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