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Visual assets such as photography are a crucial component of a successful content marketing strategy. Including images in your posts makes your content (and your business) more engaging for your viewers, whilst helping to improve your page’s SEO.

At MK Marketing we can help you utilise stills content to advance your brand with our professional photography services. Enabling you to adopt high-quality, engaging photographs into your content strategy.

At first, we will set up an initial meeting to understand everything you need in more detail. From the types of shots you want to the logistics of the shoot day so it all runs smoothly.

Then our media team will then get creative with the planning of the day & strategy for the shoot. When the day arrives to shoot some awesome photographs for your brand. We have a team with all the gear & every idea!

Once we finish with the shooting we proceed to the post-shoot phase, at which our team will work on retouching all images, editing & perfecting the shots.

Once completed, we will send over all the images & jump on a call to go through them together.

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